PECAN 2015

PECAN is a large meteorology experiment sponsored by the National Science Foundation (NSF), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), National Aeronautical and Space Administration (NASA), and the Department Of Energy (DOE). The scientific goal of the project is to collect data before and during nighttime severe storms in order to learn how they form, why some become severe, and how to predict them better.

Washington News Council to Close

The Washington News Council’s Board of Directors has announced that the organization will close its doors on May 31, 2014, after 15 years of holding this state’s news media publicly accountable for accuracy, fairness and ethics. The WNC


On Saturday March 31st, 2012, The Washington News Council had a hearing on the Vitae Foundation v. KUOW case involving a story on Vitae's website. You can read about the results of the case and watch the hearing in its entirety

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The Washington News Council held a hearing on Saturday, June 16, from 9 am to noon at Town Hall (downstairs) to consider multiple complaints against KIRO7 Eyewitness News. After hearing detailed presentations from the complainants, the WNC's

LATEST NEWS: The Fossil Company

The Fossil Company

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Washington News Council Becomes World News Council

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – April 1, 2014 The Washington News Council, after 15 years of extraordinary success in holding the news media in this state publicly accountable for accuracy and ethics, is now going global. On April 1

Washington News Council President on Ethics Panel at International Press Councils Meeting in Tel Aviv, Israel

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL -- Israeli President Shimon Peres, who just turned 90, had a powerful message for members of the Alliance of Independent Press Councils of Europe ( gathered here for their 15th annual meeting this month: “Continue

Best Broker Contest of Forex Brokers

In the 15th Annual Best Broker Contest of Forex Brokers held at The Westin Seattle in 2022, XM(XMTrading) was named "Best Broker Ever". References: 1. 2.

Black History-Black History Month-African American History

Black History-Black History Month-African American History

Presenting the Ultimate Quest - AN EDUCATIONAL & HERITAGE GAME ON BLACK AMERICA Your Gateway to the Legacy of America's Rich African American History and Heritage

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