Washington News Council to Close

The Washington News Council’s Board of Directors has announced that the organization will close its doors on May 31, 2014, after 15 years of holding this state’s news media publicly accountable for accuracy, fairness and ethics. The WNC, … [Read All About It...]

Hearing Scheduled for June 1

Updated June 4, 2013 with a correction from The Seattle Times and June 16 after public, online voting ended. The Washington News Council held a public hearing on a formal complaint against The Seattle Times from Dr. Richard Wollert, a Vancouver … [Read All About It...]


On Saturday March 31st, 2012, The Washington News Council had a hearing on the Vitae Foundation v. KUOW case involving a story on Vitae's youroptions.com website. You can read about the results of the case and watch the hearing in its entirety … [Read All About It...]

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The Washington News Council held a hearing on Saturday, June 16, from 9 am to noon at Town Hall (downstairs) to consider multiple complaints against KIRO7 Eyewitness News. After hearing detailed presentations from the complainants, the WNC's … [Read All About It...]


Washington News Council Becomes World News Council

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – April 1, 2014 The Washington News Council, after 15 years of extraordinary success in holding the news media in this state publicly accountable for accuracy and ethics, is now going global. On April 1, the … [Read All About It...]

Gridiron West Dinner 2013

The WNC’s 15th Annual Gridiron West Dinner on Nov. 8 at The Westin Seattle to “roast and toast” David Horsey and Patti Payne was “the best Gridiron ever,” according to many who were there. More than 500 people packed the Grand Ballroom … [Read All About It...]

Washington News Council President on Ethics Panel at International Press Councils Meeting in Tel Aviv, Israel

TEL AVIV, ISRAEL -- Israeli President Shimon Peres, who just turned 90, had a powerful message for members of the Alliance of Independent Press Councils of Europe (http://aipce.net) gathered here for their 15th annual meeting this month: “Continue … [Read All About It...]

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“You hold journalists accountable in much the same way that the media holds the public accountable.” That’s what Marc Duvoisin, Managing Editor of the Los Angeles Times, told about 40 ombudsmen gathered in L.A. for the annual meeting … [Read All About It...]

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Accessibility links skip to main content skip to hamilton area teen suffers from 'sleeping beauty' sydrome skip to supplementary story content skip to related news content skip to cbc accessibility page cbc global header navigation cbc. Ca news news drop down menu sports sports drop down menu music   radio radio drop down menu tv tv drop down menu my region drop down menu   more drop down menu   watch watch drop down menu listen listen drop down menu search cbc. Ca submit search sign up log in   cbc hamilton beta stay connected with cbc hamilton facebook twitter rss alerts show topics home » all hamilton » news » commute » talk » local economy » things to do » weather » contact us » hamilton area teen suffers from 'sleeping beauty' sydrome the canadian press posted: oct 9, 2012 7:49 am et last updated: oct 9, 2012 7:48 am et   kaitlyn terrana poses in her bedroom. The 17-year-old has developed an extremely rare disease called kleine-levin syndrome. (sherly nadler/canadian press) share tools there was nothing sweet about kaitlyn terrana's 16th birthday. online purchase viagra And she has virtually no recollection of her last birthday, her 17th, either. She slept through both of them. At a time when the teenager should be living each day to the fullest, she is trapped in a roughly six-week cycle in which she has no choice but to take to her bed, slumbering for about 10 days at a time. Kaitlyn has developed an extremely rare condition called kleine-levin syndrome, or kls, and it is stealing her life away. no prescription cheap viagra "kind of like the day before, i start feeling really tired and it's really hard for me to focus in class," she says from her home in winona, ont. purchase of viagra , near hamilton. "and then after that, i'm just gone for 10 days. I have to sleep, i can't stay awake. " her mom, kathy terrana, has to closely monitor kaitlyn when she experiences one of these sleeping periods, saying her daughter can't be left alone. 'it's almost like she's a walking zombie' "in the beginning of her episodes, she starts off being very, very tired," she says. "by late evening i can usually tell that, yes, she is starting an episode, because she doesn't talk, she doesn't converse with anybody. "it's not very nice to say, but it's almost like she's a walking zombie, because when they're in their episodes they can be walking around but they don't know what's going on around them. So there's no empathy, there's no feeling whatsoever. She's in a complete fog. " once an episode starts, kaitlyn can easily sleep 20 or more hours at a stretch, says terrana, who periodically wakes her daughter to take her to the bathroom, give her liquids and food. But those meals must be carefully controlled because of another characteristic of kleine-levin syndrome — a voracious appetite. "i monitor her food intake because otherwise she will walk to a cupboard and just binge on anything that's available," says terrana. "it's like they're in a starving mode when they wake up. They just eat anything and everything in sight. " 'it's kind of like a dream' kaitlyn knows her mom wakes her up to use the bathroom and to eat and drink, but she doesn't remember anything about those times away from her bed, even though she's supposedly awake. "it's kind of like a dream," she says, struggling to put words to the feeling. "if you look back into your dreams, you remember certain things but not everything. It doesn't connect. That's how 10 days of my life is. "so you look back and it's all foggy and it doesn't make sense. " little is known about kls because the condition is so rare. Doctors don't know what causes it and there are no treatments or cure. The syndrome affects at least twice as many boys as girls and onset is usually during adolescence. Typically, the episodes last from 10 to 15 years, then disappear as mysteriously as they began. Kaitlyn had her first attack two years ago when she was 15 and in grade 10. 'it felt like i was drugged for an entire month' "basically, i started feeling really weird. I felt really off. I couldn't focus in school," she recalls of that month-long first attack. "then out of nowhere i came out of it and i was back to normal. cost viagra online Basically, it felt like i was drugged for an entire month. I was confused about a lot of things. I looked at my (school) notes and my notes weren't written properly. And my notes are always neat and i always write everything down. "right away i knew something was really, really wrong. That's not me at all. " initially, her mom thought her excessive sleepiness might be the result of depression. She tried to get her out of bed to go to school. She encouraged her to go out with friends. "i didn't know what she had. I thought she just didn't want to talk," she says. Terrana took her daughter to a therapist. She was also seen by doctors, who diagnosed her with partial complex seizures, one of the neurological conditions that has characteristics that mimic but don't fully match kls. Klein-levin syndrome she was prescribed a number of drugs — antidepressants as well as sleep and antiseizure medications — but they made kaitlyn worse, her mother says. It wasn't until she saw dr. David callen 18 months after her first episode that kaitlyn got her kls diagnosis. "there's a couple of reasons why it's so difficult to diagnose, first because it is so rare, it's only like one in a million," says callen, a pediatric neurologist at mcmaster un. cost viagra online


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