Waiver of Claims

Please read this form carefully before you submit it. If you do not understand it, consult an attorney before signing it. If the Washington News Council decides to hear your complaint, you may have an attorney accompany you but he or she may not speak for you at the formal complaint hearing.

I, the signatory, understand that if the Washington News Council hears my complaint against (name of media outlet), I may present matters that otherwise could be the basis of a claim before a court or a government agency.

I also understand that the media organization will be asked to appear voluntarily and may present information and defenses that otherwise could be evidence in a court or agency proceeding.

In consideration of the Washington News Council’s agreement to consider my grievance and of the (media outlet)’s agreement to abide by the procedures of the Washington News Council in responding to my grievance, I hereby waive any and all claims or demands that I may now have or may hereafter have, of any kind or nature, before a government agency or before a court of law, including defamation actions arising out of or pertaining to the subject matter of my grievance against any person or corporation, including (media outlet) and its employees and agents, or against any and all persons presenting information to the Washington News Council or against the Washington News Council, its members and employees for statements made during the proceedings or for the content of its decision or report.

If the Washington News Council or one of its committees finds this complaint unsuitable for adjudication, this waiver will cease to be binding.