Washington News Lab

The Washington News Lab is a project incubated by the News Council to explore the evolving landscape of news and information in Washington State. The Washington News Council Community in this site is a July 2010 graduate of the Lab, with further innovations in the works.

Check out our short introductory video and scroll down to learn more about ideas we have cooking.

Online Media Guide

As we explore the question of, “How do we hold the news media accountable?” we must first ask ourselves, “Who ARE the news media today?” Online digital media have revolutionized the world of journalism. Almost anyone can publish anything anytime, making it a real challenge to decide what news and information sources can be trusted. The Washington News Council has begun to document and catalog sources of news in the state. So far we have over 450 entries of Newspapers/TV/Radio/Blogs/Non-Profits/Civic Groups/Grassroots Organizations/Government Sites and others, and our database is continually growing. In order to fund this ground-breaking endeavor, we are offering access to our Google Map for those who donate at the News Hound level, and a copy of our full WNC Spreadsheet that includes names, websites, emails, locations, categories, etc. of news and information sources statewide for those who donate at the News Junkie level. These are invaluable resources for journalists, community activists, elected officials, political candidates, business people, students, and all concerned citizens. Please join us to help make our Map and Spreadsheet as comprehensive, useful and accurate as possible!


Washington News Pipe

The Washington News Pipe seeks to be a unique portal into all the news that is happening across the state. Using the Netvibes service, we have aggregated a variety of major feeds from across the board and organized it into categories. We offer it as a free service to everyone, and hope it can become utilized as a public tool to help fulfill our mission together.

Please visit it at www.netvibes.com/washnewsjunkie

Additions and suggestions are always welcome by contacting us