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    johnhamer posted an update:   6 years, 1 month ago · View

    APRIL FOOL! The press release I sent out last Friday certainly got a big reaction: Lots of people thought it was true! (Or maybe a few hoped it was true….but no such luck.) It was just my idea of having fun — and some people (like my wife) think I have a strange sense of humor. But to all those who ”bit” and called or emailed with condolences, congrats on a job well done, and inquiries about my next step, I would like to say….SOORRRRRYYYY! But also THANK YOU for the kind words and best wishes. And hey, since you think so highly of everything the News Council has accomplished, please remember that donations are welcome! Really! In fact, we need to raise more funds this year to fully accomplish all of the great projects we have started in the past year. So please visit the ”Donate” page on our website, send us a check or call me with a CC# (Visa/MC). That’d be MUCH appreciated! And this goes for all those who ”got” my little April Fool’s prank and called or emailed to share a laugh, too! Wasn’t brightening your April 1 well worth a donation to the WNC? Thanks in advance for all of your great friendship and generous support. It means a lot to me. No fooling.