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A place to discuss and highlight hyperlocal journalism stories

You call this headline news…”’Barefoot Bandit’ injures ankle in prison volleyball game…” (1 post)

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    This is a test of public group forums. Next up, a test of activity stream replies being added to forum discussions.

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    This is a reply to the first topic in the Test Public Group forum. I am a test member of the community and just joined this group.

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    This is the second test topic, started this time by WNCTest in the forum of the Test Public Group.

    This is the second paragraph.

    This is the third paragraph.

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    This is a reply to the Second Test Topic in the Test Public Group forum, posted directly under the forum topic itself, not posted directly in Community Activity.

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    third reply to second test topic

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    Whatch’ya’ll think?

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    sounds okay if done proper!


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    whatch’y'all think?

  • Avatar Image wnc6 years, 11 months said ago:

    The political campaign season inevitably generates controversy about which candidates are telling the truth, getting their facts right, and playing it straight with voters. Television campaign commercials are often accused of being misleading, simplistic or downright inaccurate. Some newspapers used to have “truth squads” to hold political candidates and their commercials accountable. Nationally, the St. Petersburg Times created Politifact (http://www.politifact.com) to play this role.

    Should someone do this in Washington state? If so, who? And how will they pay for it?

  • Avatar Image wnc6 years, 11 months said ago:

    A team of researchers from the Missouri School of Journalism and two other schools say that even the top 60 citizen websites and bloggers are not filling the information shortfall that has resulted from cutbacks in traditional media. http://journalism.missouri.edu/news/2010/07-08-citizen-journalism.html

    How would you describe the situation in Washington state?

    Have citizen journalists, neighborhood websites and independent bloggers filled the gap as traditional media cut back?

  • Avatar Image wnc6 years, 11 months said ago:

    Most media websites, blogs and discussion groups allow anonymous comments, where individuals can have their say without identifying themselves. Is this a healthy way to encourage free speech and robust debate — or an excuse that lets cowardly commentators rant and rave while hiding behind the screen of anonymity?

  • Avatar Image wnc6 years, 11 months said ago:

    Ryan Blethen of The Seattle Times recently published an editorial column describing their political endorsement policy and process.


    Do editorial endorsements still carry the same clout now that fewer people receive the newspaper on their doorsteps? Do they have the same impact online? Where do you go for reliable advice during the political season?

  • Avatar Image jacobcaggiano6 years, 11 months said ago:

    I’m posting a list of everything out there as far as local TV coverage that I know of to help us evaluate its quality.


    King 5
    KOMO 4
    Q13 Fox


    KIMA 29
    KEPR 19
    FOX 11 KFFX


    KHQ Q6


    NorthWest Indian News (produced in the Bellingham area I believe)

    There are also the public broadcasting stations, which have some local news programming but it’s not frequent.

    For example KCTS has “Ask the Governor” and some special programs on the Puget Sound water quality, Gangs in WA State, etc.

    Let me know if I’m missing anything. I’m wondering if there’s anyone out there doing original video work online that I’m unaware of.

    Also, for those interested in a comprehensive directory of ALL media in WA state, we have a map and spreadsheet available to WNC supporting members.