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Neighborhood News Websites: Do You Like/Trust Yours? (3 posts)

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  • Avatar Image johnhamer6 years, 9 months said ago:

    New “hyperlocal” neighborhood news websites have sprung up all over the country. Are they popular with readers? Trusted? Accurate? Fair? Thorough? A new nation-wide study has found that yes, they are liked and trusted as much (or more) than traditional media outlets. Here’s the study, from the Reynolds Journalism Institute at the University of Missouri: http://www.rjionline.org/events/stories/mclellan-sept-event/new-survey.php
    What do YOU think? What local website(s) do you read? How do you rate them? How do they compare to mainstream/legacy newspapers, daily and/or weekly? Are they providing news and information that you want and need? What more could they be doing to serve the public interest, help citizens and enhance our democracy?

  • Avatar Image rileysweeney6 years, 9 months said ago:

    There are a couple local news sites that post daily. I’ve found the most effective use has been an email list serv. While living in the Columbia neighborhood of Bellingham, WA, the neighborhood association maintained an email list serv, which would update us on construction planned in the area, garage sales, power outages, loose dogs, and other localized information that was incredibly useful but too mundane for a newspaper to cover. Very effective, neighbors held discussions online and organized help when someone fell sick.

  • Avatar Image jacobcaggiano6 years, 9 months said ago:

    I also suggest keeping up with the various yahoo groups and google groups, which are pretty active and a good place to keep track of local issues and debates.

    But if you really want to stay on top of the news , I would recommend two things

    1. The Washington News Pipe – http://netvibes.com/washnewsjunkie

    2. Joining the News Council at the News Junkie level and receiving a copy of our 700+ directory database of blogs, hyperlocal news, mainstream news, and everything in between.