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A place to discuss the way our education system is covered in the news.

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    The Highline Times printed my editorial today. The link is http://tiny.cc/nfxro I am concerned about the amount of time spent on reading and writing, which has crowded out other subjects including math and science.

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    suenoir posted an update in the group Education Coverage:   6 years, 5 months ago · View

    Matt Lauer interviewed Obama as part of NBC’s Education Nation yesterday. In the interview the President talked about two issues about that have been raised frequently as potential positive reforms that have gone pretty much unchallenged.
    One is the idea that teachers are underpaid. He said “The problem is not that we can’t attract great young people to go into teaching. The problem is that typically after two to three years, they start dropping out. They feel discouraged because no matter how hard they’re working in the classroom, you know, they just can’t afford it once they start trying to raise a family, particularly in urban areas where the cost of living is higher.” However, a low salary in teaching does not impact all subjects equally. The highest paid teachers are music and foreign language teachers. The lowest paid teachers are math and science teachers. The reason for this has to do with length of employment. Math and science teachers have more options for jobs that pay more than teaching. Music teachers do not. The average pay in the King County for a teacher is about $65,000, with benefits the pay package goes to over $80,000. Teachers may or may not need a raise, but a raise will not affect teacher retention in most subjects. The conversation needs to focus on how to make salaries for math, science and technology teachers more competitive with industry salaries.
    Obama also suggested, “I think we should have longer school years. We now have our kids go to school about a month less than most other advanced countries, and that month makes a difference. It means that kids are losing a lot of what they learn, during the school year, during the summer.” Some are suggesting year round school as a solution. Year round school has been implemented for decades in many school districts across the country. There appears to be no evidence of improved outcomes in the United States. Many school districts in Washington have tried this schedule, including Federal Way, which just this year went back to traditional schedules for all of its schools. If year round school produced improved learning every school district would have that schedule by now. Another issue that comes up in reports from school districts that go back to traditional schedules after trying year round schooling is it is too hot to be in school in the summer. Obama mentioned the additional costs for teachers and custodial staff; he forgot to mention the cost of air conditioning. Longer school years may be the answer, but school districts will need to do something other than or in addition to changing the schedule.

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