Gridiron West Dinner Was “Best One Ever”

The WNC’s 15th Annual Gridiron West Dinner on Nov. 8 at The Westin Seattle to “roast and toast” David Horsey and Patti Payne was “the best Gridiron ever,” according to many who were there.

More than 500 people packed the Grand Ballroom at the Westin, after a VIP reception that included special “Payne Royale” champagne drinks and delicious hand-passed hors d’oeuvres.

Honoree Patti Payne colorfully documented the evening in her Puget Sound Business Journal column, Puget Sound BizTalk, “Flame broiled: Patti Payne and David Horsey get roasted on stage.” Find below an embedded video of the event from the Seattle Channel.

The evening began with a welcome from Emcee Mike Egan, who introduced Anthony B. Robinson for an invocation that expressed appropriate gratitude for God’s gifts of laughter and humor.

Caela Bailey and Kevin Joyce of EnJoy Productions led the audience in “America the Beautiful,” followed by a raucous, rocking version of “I Gotta Feeling (Tonight’s Gonna Be a Good, Good Night)” – which it definitely was.

WNC Board Chair Suzie Burke and Board President John Hamer thanked table sponsors, beginning with Presenting Sponsors at the $15,000 level: Puget Sound Business Journal, Clear Channel Outdoor and Kemper Development Company, who all had front-row tables along with the Horsey and Payne families and friends.

“Boaster” Table Sponsors ($10,000 level) were Boeing, the Peter Horvitz Foundation, and Microsoft. “Roasters” ($5,000 level) were the Sheri & Les Biller Family Foundation, Chihuly Studios, Fremont Dock/U-Park, Lynden Inc., Seattle Mariners, Wells Fargo and Dr. Richard Wollert.

At the “Toasters” ($3,000 level) were Trish Carpenter, Evergreen Health Foundation, Gorton Legacy Group, Cathi Hatch, Dr. Rodney Hochman, Toni Hoffman, The Keller Group, Stacy Lill, Media Plus+, Sue & Robert Merry, Overlake Medical Center, Stewart Phelps, Puget Sound Energy, Marilyn Smith & Christine Warjone, Smith & Stark, Doug & Janet True, True NW Communications, Umpqua Bank, Virginia Mason Hospital, and Wal-Mart.

The menu included an arugula, endive and apple salad; peppercorn filet of beef and grilled swordfish with butternut squash puree and sautéed greens, and a trio of miniature pies for dessert (apple, lemon and chocolate). Wines were from Chateau Ste. Michelle. Centerpiece baskets included a custom-label wine from Northwest Cellars, a jar of homemade jam from Patti Payne, and a cartoon book by David Horsey, plus items from the Puget Sound Business Journal and the WNC.

A video testimonial was shown after dinner, with powerful statements from Bill Gates Sr., Sam Reed, Sue Rahr, Pia De Solenni, Blair Thompson and Dr. Richard Wollert – who all took part in complaint hearings sponsored by the News Council in the past.

Suzie Burke asked attendees to make extra donations to the WNC, which are tax-deductible, to support the organization’s vital work. John Hamer introduced Devon Geary, a U.W. senior who won one of the WNC’s two $2,000 scholarships this year. The other winner, Rianna Ramirez, is a freshman at WSU. The WNC has awarded a total of 28 scholarships in the past 15 years.

All WNC Board Members who were present then took the stage to sing “Hello, David” and “Hello, Patti” – the first of several parody songs. The audience sang along with lyrics projected on two big screens. During the song, Kevin Joyce and Caela Bailey came onstage dressed as David Horsey and Patti Payne. The crowd went wild.

They then sang a parody of “Blurred Lines” complete with “twerking” by Egan that had the audience in stitches. Emcee Egan then did a “Pictorial Tribute” slideshow using vintage photographs of David Horsey and Patti Payne, including baby pictures. Egan’s hilarious verbal “captions” are always a highlight of the event.

Horsey and Payne came onstage and took seats in two large overstuffed golden chairs that resembled thrones, fittingly. Joyce and Bailey returned for a parody song: “Just Give Me Something to Write About,” focusing on Payne.

The first pair of “roasters/toasters” — Constance Rice and Rod Hochman — both poked fun at Payne and got lots of laughs from the crowd.

Bailey and Joyce then reappeared, with Kevin wearing David Horsey’s cowboy shirt, hat and chaps, to sing a parody: “Mommas, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Draw Cartoons.”

Egan then introduced Gov. Dan Evans and Gov. Jay Inslee. Evans came onstage and did a hilarious toast/roast of Horsey. Inslee sent a letter saying he was stuck in Olympia for the special session of the Legislature, which he called himself.

Bailey and Joyce then did a duet alternating between “My Funny Patti Payne” and “Dirty Laundry.” People fell off their chairs laughing.

Bob Cremin took the stage to “roast and toast” Payne, and he pulled several items out that he said were found in Patti’s bra – a model airplane, a set of bull horns, and a native American mask. Les & Sheri Biller gave remarks poking gentle fun at Patti.

Joyce and Bailey reappeared for a side-splitting version of “L.A. Workman” with Kevin in black leather pants and a bottle of Jack Daniels in his hand.

Casey Corr and Art Thiel, who both worked with Horsey at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer, delivered caustically comedic comments that had the crowd going wild. As fellow journalists, they showed no mercy.

Darielle and Daniel Horsey, David’s daughter and son, took the stage for a funny and moving tribute to their Dad and his cowboy fetish. They noted he often got mad at his computer for not doing what he didn’t tell it to do.

They were followed by Lee Keller and Jill Whitmore, Patti’s daughters, who began with verbal remarks and then took up a cello and keyboard to play and sing a moving musical tribute to their mother: “You Raise Me Up.”

Winners of two raffle packages – a trip to New York City and a trip to Los Angeles — were Meredith Tall and Teresa Hunt, respectively. Centerpieces went to those with red stars on their nametags, who were mostly table captains or who helped in other ways on the event.

Hamer announced a special photo opportunity with “The Most People Reading a Patti Payne Column at the Same Time.” The Puget Sound Business Journal provided 500 newspapers, plus a special discount offer for those who subscribed that night.

Hamer then announced that Patti Payne had offered to host a special gourmet dinner at her home, with wines from DeLille and Betz, plus live music, for couples who agreed to pay $1,000 that night. Proceeds were earmarked for the WNC’s scholarship fund and other educational programs. About 10 people raised their hands to join the dinner party.

Finally, David Horsey and Patti Payne were provided time for “rebuttals.” Horsey presented several cartoons he had done of his “roasters” over the years. Payne was joined by John Ellis on piano and John Giuliani on bass, plus Cutts Peasley on drums, to sing her response. She closed with a moving rendition of “What a Wonderful World” that had the crowd in tears.

A champagne-and-chocolate After Party followed, along with a wacky “Pie Throwing Booth” at which John Hamer and David Horsey posed behind a vinyl portrayal of Michaelangelo’s “The David” statue with the face cut out. For only $20 a throw, people could try to hit them in the face with a whipped-cream pie in a metal pie pan. Several scored direct hits. Hamer and Horsey each got creamed.

This was the WNC’s second-largest Gridiron West Dinner in 15 years, exceeded only by the 550 who attended the event in 2005 to honor Bill Gates Sr. and Mimi Gardner Gates.

“This was the most fun and one of the biggest Gridiron Dinners we’ve ever done,” said President Hamer. “Our goal is to continue doing our vitally important work to hold the news media publicly accountable and to educate the public about media ethics. Stay tuned!”


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