GiveBIG and GetBEER! GiveBIG May 15 and Stop By Our Office

SPECIAL OFFER: If you GiveBIG! on May 15 as part of The Seattle Foundation’s campaign to help ALL non-profit organizations in our community, then you can GetBEER! on May 15, 16 or 17 (noon-6 pm) at the WNC office above the Pyramid Alehouse across from Safeco Field.

Seriously! The Washington News Council is offering ONE FREE BEER to anyone over 21 who can SHOW PROOF that they donated on May 15 to ANY organization on The Seattle Foundation’s GiveBIG list.

This is our way of thanking all those who donated so generously to the wonderful non-profit organizations in this area. Come toast our community’s fabulous philanthropic spirit! (ROOT BEER is available for minors and/or teetotalers. Pretzels are optional.)

Just stop by the WNC’s office above the Pyramid Alehouse at 1201 1st Avenue South to get your free beer, PLUS a $5 OFF discount card to the Pyramid Alehouse (while they last).

DIRECTIONS: Climb black metal stairs on front of Alehouse to top floor; turn left down long hallway to WNC office in Room #331.

BONUS: Anyone who donates to the WNC will also receive a cool WNC/TAO coffee travel tumbler — but only IF you come visit our office.

Call 206.262.9793 with any questions.

Hop on down! Raise a glass! GiveBIG a BigCHEER and GetBEER!


Our Advice for Britain’s new National Press Regulator

In the wake of recent scandals, Britain’s politicians want to regulate the country’s naughty media. Our own Washington News Council might make a better model.

England may soon have its own NPR: the “National Press Regulator.” Sound scary? It is.

The Economist calls it a “rotten deal,” arguing that the British NPR would be “set up by a royal charter, underpinned by statute, and monitored by a new recognising body, whose first set of members will be appointed by yet another committee, itself partly government-appointed …[N]ewspapers that fail to sign up will be subject to harsh exemplary damages.”

Can you imagine the outrage if anyone proposed that in the United States?

Read the rest of this piece from April, 2013, at


Washington News Council Adds New Board Members

The Washington News Council has added the following new Board members:

1. Gabe Boehmer – Communications VP, Wells Fargo
2. Anne Bremner – Trial Attorney & Legal Analyst
3. Shauna Causey – Vice President
4. Todd Dean – Partner, Angel Market Consulting
5. Pam Guinn – Clear Channel Outdoor President
6. Obafemi Idowu – NobleVentures Founder
7. Joe Mentor – Mentor Law Group Founder/Principal
8. Sue Merry – Former National School Boards Association Co-Chair
9. Kathy Neukirchen – President, Media Plus
10. Viet Nguyen – The Frause Group Corporate Vice President
11. Tom Ranken (Treasurer) – WA Clean Technology Alliance Exec. Director
12. Blair Thompson – WA Dairy Commission Communications Director
13. Nyasha Tunduwani – President, RLI Technology Group
14. Susan West – WA Association for Justice Communications Director

They join the WNC’s current Board members, who include:

1. Suzie Burke (Chair) – Fremont Dock Company President
2. John Hamer (President) – WNC President & Executive Director
3. Martin Neeb – KPLU General Manager Emeritus
4. Shannon Myers (Secretary) – Boeing Communications Director
5. Everett Billingslea – Lynden Inc. Vice President
6. Heidi Kelly (Vice President) – Competitive Strategies President
7. Pedro Celis – Former Microsoft Distinguished Engineer
8. Karen Seinfeld (Hearings Chair) – Former WA State Court of Appeals Judge

The WNC changed its Bylaws to expand its Board to as many as 30 members. If you are interested in joining, please call our office at 206.262.9793.


Washington News Council To Close Its Seattle Office


The Washington News Council, which just began its 15th year of operations and added 15 new members to its Board of Directors (Fact Check: True), announced that it will close its Seattle office on May 1.

The WNC will move lock, stock and beer barrel to London and “reboot” itself as the British News Council (BNC), with oversight of all newspapers, television and digital media in Great Britain.

“The British press are a total mess,” said Prime Minister David Cameron. “We’re confident the Washington News Council, having totally reformed the media in your state, can do the same for us.” Cameron said he was inspired by an April 1 article about the WNC on

The British press have faced harsh criticism after phone-hacking and police-bribery scandals involving dozens of journalists there. A government inquiry led to a proposal to create a new National Press Regulator (NPR) to oversee the British media, with power to levy fines on bad or unethical journalists. (Fact Check: True.)

“Our mission here is done,” said John Hamer, President of the WNC. “We have transformed the news media after 15 years.”

He cited several truly extraordinary changes, including:

  • Journalists are always careful to get the facts right, be fair and balanced, and leave their personal opinions out of all stories.
  • Journalists are always transparent, accountable and open, following the WNC’s “TAO of Journalism” pledge.
  • Journalists always double- or triple-check every fact before reporting, especially on Twitter and other social media.
  • News organizations always admit mistakes promptly, run corrections prominently, and humbly apologize for errors.
  • Journalists never do stories mainly aimed at winning Pulitzer Prizes, Emmy Awards or other journalism contests.
  • Citizens here completely trust major news outlets and generously support them with paid ads, subscriptions and/or donations.
  • KIRO7 TV’s “investigative” reporter Chris Halsne, who has been the subject of dozens of complaints to the WNC over the past decade, has left the station. (Fact Check: True.)

Suzie Burke of Fremont, Chair of the WNC Board, said: “We invite everyone to drop by the WNC office in Room #331 above the Pyramid Alehouse for a free beer on May Day from 6-8 pm to help us celebrate.” (Fact Check: True.) “And once our new office opens above London’s Fleet Street Pub, feel free to fly over for another beer…on us!”

CONTACT: John Hamer (, Soon-to-Be British News Council’s Chief Hacker-Whacker and Anchor-Spanker.