Vitae Foundation v. KUOW – Video of the hearing

On Saturday March 31st, 2012, The Washington News Council had a hearing on the Vitae Foundation v. KUOW case involving a story on Vitae’s website. You can read about the results of the case and watch the hearing in its entirety below. Also feel free to check out some of the “press” surrounding the case.

Part 1 – Opening Statements

Part 2 – Questioning

Part 3 – Questioning (continued)

Part 4 – Discussion

Part 5 – Discussion (continued)

National coverage from CPB Ombudsman Joel Kaplan
National coverage by Mike Janssen of
National coverage by Valerie Richardson of The Washington Times
Local coverage from Mark Griswold of Sound Politics
Local coverage from NW Daily Marker’s Bryan Myrick
Local coverage from PubliCola’s Erica Barnett


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