Thank you Kathi Goertzen

The late Kathi Goertzen - from KOMO newsThe Washington News Council sends our deepest sympathies to the family of Kathi Goertzen, KOMO 4 anchor, and to all our friends and colleagues at the station. On Nov. 11, 2001, the WNC ‘toasted and roasted’ Kathi, along with Jean Enersen and Susan Hutchison, at our 3rd annual Gridiron West Dinner. The evening included a tribute from Peter Jennings of ABC News, an introduction by Dan Lewis, some hilarious outtakes, a funny “Anchorettes” video from Patty Murray, a goofy performance by Ralph Munro, and a stand-up comedy routine by Rob McKenna and Ron Sims. It was quite a show!

You may watch the event below, or order a copy on TVW’s website:


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