Flynn’s Harp: News Council weighs future in new-media era

Mike Flynn, the former publisher of the Puget Sound Business journal, just wrote a piece supporting our nation’s last standing news council (yours truly!). Have a look over at Flynn’s Harp and consider supporting us as we keep up the fight against unfair and unethical media practices.

The challenge has been the reluctance of the media to help any organization, including WNC, look over its shoulder, a reluctance put in perspective by Blair Thompson, whose Washington Dairy Products Commission was among the entities that have come to WNC with complaints.

“The media readily arrogate to themselves the freedom, indeed, the right, to hold everyone in our society accountable to their scrutiny,” said Thompson. “Unfortunately, what many media are reluctant to do is to allow themselves to be held accountable for their actions. The disinclination of most media to be held accountable can express itself in hostility to anyone who tries, and this has includes the Washington News Council.”

Also stay tuned for our upcoming hearing against KIRO TV, more on that very shortly!