Special Offer for our loyal supporters

John Hamer gives a sample back rub.

We know you get a lot of solicitations to give money, but here’s why we’re different.

This year we’re up for a challenge grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, so all your dollars will be doubled if we can meet our goal of $100,000. Thanks to your help last year, we were able to reinvent the News Council and bring you a completely new website with new features and experiments designed to keep up with the explosion of new media. Over the year we launched our Online Community, the TAO of Journalism Seal, and the Washington News Lab, and we’re excited to take them even further in 2011. We’ve also awarded two scholarships, hosted many events and workshops, and have stayed on top of the headlines with an updated blog on the local journalism community.

Plus, if you chip in $200 or more before January 15th, 2011, our Executive Director John Hamer will personally provide one of the following services:

A) Bake you Cookies
B) Mow your lawn
C) Give you a back rub

Now that’s dedication! Nothing short of what you can expect from a lean and mean non-profit that is determined to keep the truth alive. Thanks for your support!

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  1. johnhamer says:

    Hey, whose Gonzo idea was this? Oh, wait a minute, it was mine….OK, so who wants cookies? Lawn mowing? Back rub? (Some restrictions apply on the latter.. Donate $200 by Dec. 31 and you get to choose!