What I Read: Tom Douglas

Tom Douglas is a busy man. The Seattle celebrity chef runs seven restaurants, including the recently opened Seatown Snackbar near Pike Place Market. Douglas’ team is also building out new bread and pastry bakeries in South Lake Union.

Yet the time-pressed restauranteur still finds time for traditional news. Though Douglas dabbles in new technologies, he still prefers the good old fashioned print editions of the Seattle Times and New York Times. He leaves tweeting and blogging to one of his staff members, and while he bought an iPad, he almost never uses it.

Here are Douglas’ responses to my questions on what he’s reading.

What are your favorite local news outlets? Why?
For local, I go to MyNorthwest.com. I got in the habit because I was on the air on Saturday for KIRO for six years. It became the place I went to for local news. I left KIRO in April, but I still read MyNorthwest. I also watch KING-5 and NW Cable News when I can.

What do you consider “must reads” every day? Must watch? Must hear?
I get up every morning, go to the newspaper box, and get the Seattle Times and New York Times. I get up early just so I have time to read the paper with coffee.

Do you consume news through: print, television, radio, laptop, smart phone, ipad, podcasts, other?
I don’t use an iPhone, iPad, or laptop to surf the news. If I’m online, I use a desktop computer. I own an iPad but I never use it. I thought I’d read emails on it when walking between restaurants, but I never carry it with me.

Do you use Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter for news and information?
I don’t use Twitter or Facebook. I have a person on my staff who handles all of that and blogs for me.

What online news sites or aggregators do you visit regularly?

I like to visit Yahoo for the top stories of the day.

Do you regularly visit any individual blogs for news, analysis and opinion?

I visit the Serious Eats food blog once in a while. The founder is my pal and the co-writer on my second book. I’m rooting for him to succeed. I try not to read too much commentary online. I’m in a very social business, and I’ve found it’s better to not pay too much attention to the comments and chatter on City Search and Yelp.

Have your news consumption habits changed in the last few years? If so, how?
I miss getting the P-I. I miss having that alternative viewpoint. I am a big believer in newspapers.

Do you read for fun? If so, what? Last novel you read? Non-fiction book?
I listen to a ton of books. I tend to read nonfiction. I’ve been reading The Big Short by Michael Lewis and Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell. I also collect old books from antique book stores.


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