What I Read: Tom Skerritt

When I arranged an afternoon coffee session with actor, screenwriter, and TheFilmSchool teacher and founder Tom Skerritt, my main objective was finding out about progress and growth at the school. I realized, though, that I could also tap Skerritt for our weekly “What I Read” column. I wondered if Skerritt, who is part of the older generation yet remains in contact with young Hollywood, had embraced social media or any of the newer sources of information.

The answer is decidedly no. Skerritt doesn’t pay much attention to Facebook and Twitter, doesn’t spend much time online, and still prefers news delivery in old fashioned mediums. For this actor, the New York Times and Wall Street Journal are still the place to go.

What are your favorite local news outlets? Why?
PBS, Jim Lehrer, straight forward news. No local news outlet preference….

What do you consider “must reads” every day? Must watch? Must hear?
Try to read both NY Times and Wall Street Journal for balance and fuller reference on points of view….. Listening confined mostly to NPR, 88.5

Do you consume news through: print, television, radio, laptop, smart phone, ipad, podcasts, other?
Very little cyberspace interaction regarding news….

Do you use Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter for news and information?
I do not use any of these mediums, nor anything that requires my info.

What online news sites or aggregators do you visit regularly?

Do you regularly visit any individual blogs for news, analysis and opinion?

Have your news consumption habits changed in the last few years? If so, how?
News consumption habits are unchanged, but the style of news broadcasting has.  Too much bullshit focus.

Do you read for fun? If so, what? Last novel you read? Non-fiction book?
I write too much to have draw to read.  Last book I read is Michael Lewis’ THE BIG SHORT.  With few exceptions, love non-fiction.


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