What I Read: Slade Gorton

Slade GortonThis week we asked Slade Gorton, former U.S. Senator and member of the 9/11 Commission, now an attorney with K&L Gates, what he’s reading these days. This is the third installment of a regular series in which we’re surveying prominent people around Seattle — authors, journalists, politicians, actors, chefs, and business leaders — to find out how their media consumption habits have evolved in recent years. Here are Gorton’s responses to our questions:

What are your favorite local and national news outlets?

The Seattle Times; KING5 TV; The Weekly Standard; Commentary; Claremont Review; word of mouth.

What do you consider “must reads” every day? Must watch? Must hear?

The Seattle Times and The Wall Street Journal. No TV every day. Also: WSJ, The Washington Post, Politico — all on line.

Do you consume news through: print, television, radio, laptop, smart phone, ipad, podcasts, other?

Print, TV, and desktop.

Do you use Facebook, LinkedIn, and/or Twitter for news and information?


What online news sites or aggregators do you visit regularly?

The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and Politico.

Do you regularly visit any individual blogs for news, analysis and opinion?


Have your news-consumption habits changed in the last few years? If so, how?

Change from The New York Times to The Wall Street Journal.

Do you read for fun? If so, what? Last novel you read? Non-fiction book?

Several books at a time: spy and historical novels, history. Right now I’m reading Henry Clay: The Essential American by David S. Heidler and Jeanne T. Heidler; The Gettysburg Companion by Mark Adkin; The History of the Medieval World by Susan Bauer; and The Defector by Daniel Silva.


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