Watch Panel on “Future of Newspapers” at Seattle Rotary

I moderated a panel on the Future of Newspapers at Seattle #4 Rotary on March 24, with David Boardman of The Seattle Times, George Erb of Puget Sound Business Journal, and Janet Taylor of the Bellevue and Mercer Island Reporters.


TAO Op-Ed in Puget Sound Business Journal

My op-ed column on “The ‘TAO’ of Improving Journalism” is in the latest issue of Puget Sound Business Journal. Below is an excerpt, click here to read the article.

“There’s been a collapse of trust. We don’t trust any big institutions anymore.”

— Scott Bedbury, CEO of Brandstream

Scott Bedbury, who lives in Sammamish, used to work at Nike where he ran the “Just do it” campaign. He later joined Starbucks as marketing director when the company went global. He is now one of the nation’s top experts on branding, and is currently consulting with both General Motors and Citibank.

In a recent speech to Seattle Rotary, Bedbury got a standing ovation for his savvy views on how corporations, governments, nonprofits and other organizations can earn public trust in today’s skeptical climate. He gave special attention to the news media: Click here to read the full article.


TAO Seal Featured at

The “TAO of Journalism” is the subject of a terrific column by Craig Silverman in Columbia Journalism Review online:

Craig interviewed me for nearly an hour yesterday and posted his piece today.

He got it right — but then, he writes “Regret the Error,” so he’s always extra careful.

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