TAO of Journalism Idea Wins Public Props

Sometimes I think if I have to attend one more conference or panel on the future of journalism, I’ll throw up.

But I went to another one last night – and boy, I’m glad I did. [Read more...]


The News Council Elects New Officers, Restructures Board, Wins Gates Grant

WNC Elects New Officers, Restructures Board, Wins Gates Grant

The Washington News Council (www.wanewscouncil.org) has elected five new officers to serve on its Board of Directors for 2010:

Chair: Suzie Burke, President of Fremont Dock Company

President: John Hamer, former Executive Director of WNC

Vice President: Martin Neeb, KPLU General Manager Emeritus

Treasurer: Olivia Lippens, President of Clear Channel Outdoor

Secretary: Shannon Frew, Communications Director, Commercial Aviation Services, Commercial Airplanes, The Boeing Company

These officers will constitute an Executive Committee of the WNC’s Board of Directors and oversee strategy, development and governance.

In addition, a WNC Hearings Council, made up of current Board Members and Board Members Emeritus, will review complaints and convene when complaint hearings become necessary.

Hearings Council Chair: Karen Seinfeld, Former Presiding Chief Judge, Washington State Court of Appeals (re-elected to current position)

All members of the Board of Directors and the Hearings Council are eligible to serve on committees, including Complaints, Development, Education, Nominating, Publicity or any other ad hoc committees.

The WNC recently was awarded a $100,000 challenge grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, after matching it with $100,000 in donations from other donors. (See below for details.)

The WNC is a 501c3 nonprofit organization. Donations are tax-deductible.

CONTACT: John Hamer, jhamer@wanewscouncil.org , 206.262.9793