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Proposed: A “TAO of Journalism” Seal

TAO of Journalism

At the sold-out “Journalism That Matters” event at the University of Washington (Jan. 7-10), over 200 people came together to “Re-imagine News & Community in the Pacific Northwest.”

Mainstream journalists, community journalists, freelancers, bloggers, tweeters, academics, students and other interested parties gathered to confront some pretty tough questions, such as:

Who can be trusted in the “new news ecosystem”? What media sources are reliable, factual and accurate? How have the new media changed the rules of the game? Can the mainstream or “legacy” media survive?

Here’s an idea I floated at the event that I believe could greatly help increase public trust in journalism:

A voluntary “TAO of Journalism Seal — A Commitment to Transparency, Accountability and Openness.” It was designed by Kathy Schrier, my colleague at the Washington News Council. [Read more...]


WNC Raises $100,000 to Meet Challenge Grant Target for 2010!

The Washington News Council successfully raised $100,000 in matching donations, pledges and in-kind contributions by Jan. 15, triggering payment of a $100,000 challenge grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The WNC would like to thank all those who donated or pledged to help us meet this extraordinary challenge:

$10,000 or more: Dollar Development Company, Kemper Development Company, Charles Simonyi Fund, Clear Channel Outdoor (in-kind billboard space), Everything Under the Web (in-kind website redesign).

$5,000 or more: Microsoft, PEMCO, Premera, Doug & Janet True

$2,500 or more: Suzie Burke, Pedro Celis, Lynden Inc., Vic & Mary Odermat

$1,000 or more: Steve Boyer, Bill Bryant, Ken & Cathi Hatch, Austin Hamer, Tom Hayward, Bob & Pat Herbold, Peter Horvitz, Geoff & Teresa Hunt, Barbara Kenney, Deanie Larsen, Martin Neeb Family Foundation, Bill & Jill Ruckelshaus, Phil Smart Sr., Washington Dairy Products Commission, Michael Young

$500 or more: Everett Billingslea, John Blackman, Bob Donegan (in-kind dinner event), Kirby Lindsay, Helen Silha

$100 or more: Creigh Agnew, Karen Dunn, Reagan Dunn, Becky Cox, Denny Fleenor, Mike Flynn, Walter Liang, Chuck Rehberg, David Schaefer
$50 or more: Gene Anest, Oren Campbell, Megan Gilshire, Pete Rollins, Steve Shapiro, Dann Mead Smith

If the WNC raises an additional $100,000 in donations and pledges this year, and meets the terms of the grant agreement, the Gates Foundation will award another $100,000 matching grant in 2011.

The WNC is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization whose mission is to promote fairness, accuracy, balance, accountability and ethics in the news media. Donations are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Donate online at www.wanewscouncil.org, call 206-262-9793 to donate or pledge, or mail checks to WNC, P.O. Box 3672, Seattle WA 98124-3672.

CONTACT: John Hamer, WNC Executive Director, 2026.262.9793


Shaping the future of journalism — for democracy’s sake

WNC President John Hamer wrote the following op-ed piece in The Seattle Times (Jan. 5):

Journalism That Matters will hold a conference in Seattle beginning Thursday where citizens are encouraged to answer the following question: “What’s possible when journalists and the public come together for genuine dialogue about the news and information needs of a healthy community?” [Read more...]


WNC Executive Director John Hamer’s op-ed piece in The Seattle Times

“JOURNALISM today is in a state of … well, you pick the best word: Chaos? Transition? Decline? Reinvention? Fragmentation? Invigoration? Maybe all of the above.

But the news media are still the lifeblood of democracy. Trustworthy news and information are more vital than ever. Most people agree that we still need accountability journalism. However, we also need more journalism accountability.”

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