WNC Wins Seattle Foundation Grant

The Washington News Council has been awarded an $8,000 grant by The Seattle Foundation to help cover operational expenses in 2005. The funds come from TSF’s Community Grantmaking Program.

TSF President/CEO Phyllis J. Campbell announced the grant in a June 17 letter to the News Council: “We are pleased to inform you that our Board of Trustees has authorized a grant of $8,000 to Washington News Council…. On behalf of the Foundation, we wish you every success in your program.”

WNC Executive Director John Hamer said: “We are very pleased to win this generous grant from The Seattle Foundation. We know that competition for these grants is stiff. This proves there is strong and continuing support for the WNC from one of the most highly respected foundations in our community.”


WNC Awards Two $1,000 Scholarships

The WNC in June announced the winners of our Dick Larsen and Herb Robinson Scholarships for 2005. They are:

Steffany Bell — Dick Larsen Scholarship. As a transfer student at the University of Washington, Steffany will study journalism and political science. She was editor-in-chief of the Everett Community College newspaper, and is currently interning at the WNC.

Sara Butler — Herb Robinson Scholarship. A 2005 graduate of Ferris High School in Spokane, Sara will be a freshman at Eastern Washington University in the fall. She was editor-in-chief of her high-school newspaper and president of the Spokesman-Review‘s Explorer Post.      Both students wrote essays on the question: “Should the news media be allowed to publish, broadcast or post online without government approval and if so (or if not), what is the best way to promote fair, accurate and balanced news media so essential to our democracy?”

The question was based on a recent Knight Foundation survey that found 49% of U.S. high-school students believed newspapers should not be allowed to publish without government approval.