WNC Meets with Public, Students in Eastern Washington

Washington News Council Executive Director John Hamer and Media Member Chuck
Rehberg spent three days in Spokane and Pullman in April to help raise the
profile of the WNC. They spoke to Valley Rotary in Spokane Valley, then
conducted a student mock news council hearing at Eastern Washington
University’s Spokane campus. They also attended the Edward R. Murrow

Symposium at Washington State University in Pullman, where Hamer was on a
media-ethics panel with Kit Seelye, a political reporter for The New York
Times, and Beth Hindman, a journalism professor at WSU. John Irby, a Media
Member of the WNC who also teaches journalism at WSU, conducted a student
mock news council hearing on campus. Hamer, Irby and Rehberg also attended a
banquet and speech by Peter Jennings of ABC News, who received the
prestigious Murrow Award.

The next day, Hamer and Rehberg attended the Murrow School Advisory Board meeting, and t
hat evening held another mock student news council hearing at Gonzaga University in Spokane.
At all three of the mock hearings, which used the complaint against KIRO-TV by the Washington
Beef and Dairy Products Commissions, the students voted almost exactly the same way as did
the actual News Council at its hearing in June 2003.