100 Friends of the WNC

The Washington News Council has formed “100 Friends of the WNC,” whose members pledge to donate $1,000 a year to help support our mission and activities. Friends also receive two VIP tickets with priority seating each year to our annual Gridiron West Dinners. If you would like to join this distinguished group, please call our office at 206.262.9793, or pledge HERE.

Current members of our “100 Friends”

Herb Bridge

Bill Bryant

Suzie Burke

Doris & Jim Cassan

Pedro & Laura Celis

Tom Downey

Patty Edwards

Kemper & Betty Freeman

Sharon Gantz

Bill Gates Sr. & Mimi Gardner Gates

Austin Hamer

Ken & Cathi Hatch

Tom & Peggy Hayward

Bob & Pat Herbold

Peter & Peggy Horvitz

Susan & Andy Hutchinson

Sandeep Kaushik & Elizabeth Goodwin

Deanie Larsen

Grant & Marci Larsen

Olivia Lippens

Martin & Barbara Neeb

Chuck Nordhoff

Chuck & Cathy Novak

Mary Odermat & Vic Odermat

Greg Porter

Joe & Jaynie Putnam

Steve & Paula Reynolds

John & Sarah Rindlaub

Skip Rowley

Bill & Jill Ruckelshaus

Sandy Schoolfield & Jon Kechejian

Alan & Nancy Sclater

Karen Seinfeld

Helen Silha & Stephen Silha

John Stanton & Theresa Gillespie

Doug & Janet True

Click HERE to join “100 Friends of the WNC”